Tech Can’t Access Netgear Orbi Network? Here’s the Fix!

Can’t Access Netgear Orbi Network? Here’s the Fix!


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Are you getting issues while accessing the Netgear Orbi’s WiFi network (SSID)? If yes, then you might get issues reaching Netgear Orbi firmware update page to update Orbi firmware. Not only this but without having access to the Netgear Orbi’s network you can’t reach the Orbi setup page to do Netgear Orbi setup either.

Need not to worry! We are here to help! In this troubleshooting guide, we will provide you some of the best fixes through which you can easily resolve the issue while relaxing on your couch. Hence, let’s get the ball rolling!

Fixed: Can’t Access Orbi’s WiFi

Fix 1: Power Cycle the Orbi

Technical glitches are one of the topmost reasons causing the issue. It is possibility that you are not able to access the SSID of your device due to same reason. Fret not! To get rid of technical glitches, we have a solution and that is to power cycle the device.

Follow the instructions highlighted below and know how to give your device a fresh start:

Step 1: First things first, you need to unplug your device and then disconnect it from the satellite and modem (if connected).

Step 2: Wait for a couple of minutes.

Step 3: Plug your device back in. Make sure that the wall socket (in which your device is plugged) is in working mode and supplying continuous electricity to it.

Step 4: Reconnect it to its satellite and main modem.

Now, try accessing the SSID of the device and see if power cycling process has resolved the issue for you. If (the issue) still persists, then we suggest you don’t scroll away. Implement the next hack in line. Trust us, by the time you reach the end of the article, you will surely going to have a relevant fix in hand.

Note: Here, by the term “device”, we are referring to Orbi.

Fix 2: Check the Connection

This is one of the most effective hacks through which you can troubleshoot the issue easily.

Check the connection you have made between your Netgear device and modem. Simply have a quick look at the connection and ensure it is successfully established. Note this down, if the connection is improper, you will have issues while accessing the SSID.

What? Haven’t made the connection yet? Well, now you have the reason in hand behind not accessing the Orbi’s WiFi.

Without delay, using an Ethernet cable, connect your Netgear device and the modem. And, if you want to connect them wirelessly, then you have to place your devices in close proximity and press the WPS button on them simultaneously.

Note: If your modem doesn’t have the same (the WPS button), then opt for the Ethernet source.

After making a stable connection, try to have access to the SSID again. Are you able to access it? If yes, then without much delay, improve the performance of your device. How? Just navigate to Netgear Orbi firmware update page and update Orbi firmware.

Need More Help?

If you are here, it means that the couple of fixes we have listed above doesn’t bring you luck. Need to be tensed. Just apply a few more hacks outlined below and you will surely rack up success.

Fix 1: Ensure to enable/ unhide the Orbi’s WiFi. Chances are you have disable/ hide the SSID of your device due to which you are getting the issue.

Fix 2: Refresh the network list and forget/ disconnect all the unknown SSIDs from the appearing list.

Fix 3: Restart the device you are using to access the device’s WiFi network name.

Fix 4: Use of incorrect WiFi password leads to the issue. So, to have access to the Orbi’s SSID, ensure to input the correct password and also cross-check the entrée.

Now, we are wrapping up this Orbi troubleshooting guide with this hope that you have a relevant solution for the issue handy and able to resolve it.


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