Tech Comfast Extender Won’t Pick Up 5GHz Signals

Comfast Extender Won’t Pick Up 5GHz Signals [Troubleshooting]


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Having a dual-band WiFi range extender installed in the house seems useless when it fails to pick up the WiFi signals of either frequency band. If you’re reading this post, then we are assuming that your Comfast extender won’t pick up 5GHz signals. Considering the same thing, we’ve arrived with a few troubleshooting techniques following which getting rid of the issue is possible. So, walk through the post and learn how to implement them.

Prior to actual troubleshooting, we would like to let you know about the major reason why such issues occur with a networking device. And, the reason is the outdated firmware version. Perhaps, you also forgot to upgrade your range extender after completing the Comfast setup. But, it’s still not too late. You can install the latest firmware on your wireless range extender. All you have to do is access the web-management panel using an upgraded web browser on your client device and follow the instructions on the firmware update page. However, you are not supposed to interrupt the firmware update process by switching off the extender or disconnecting it from the internet source [most probably the router].

Comfast Extender Won’t Pick Up 5GHz Signals [Solutions]

1. Reduce the Router-Extender Gap

Apart from upgrading the firmware of the range extender, you can try experimenting with the gap separating it from the router. Know that 2.4GHz signals have low speeds and higher transmission range whereas 5GHz signals are the exact opposite. With that said, your extender and router are supposed to be close to each other so that 5GHz signals propagation.

But, remember not to make the distance between them zero. Else, their WiFi signals will clash making it impossible for them to communicate and hence putting you in trouble greater than you are already in.

2. Check the Ethernet Connection

The Ethernet connection you’ve established between your WiFi router and the Comfast extender is supposed to be stable. Is it so? Let’s check it. Have a good look at the cable connecting the range extender to the router. If it is found damaged, then you’ve just found another reason why your Comfast extender won’t pick up 5GHz signals. So, you should replace it with a new one as soon as possible.

Additionally, ensure that the connection between both devices is non-shakable. It is only possible when the Ethernet jacks of the router and extender are clean and in a working state. For better results, you can put an RJ45 cable to use.

3. Power Cycle the Extender

Why blame the router-extender connection completely when a technical glitch can also be a reason why you are facing a 5GHz connectivity issue? Well, the reason behind a technical glitch is unknown. Still, it possesses the ability to brick your range extender forever thereby making it impossible for you to access the Comfast login page.

To get rid of these glitches, power cycling of the extender is recommended. Therefore, wait for nothing and power down the extender. Now, let it rest for some time. Once you feel that it has got enough rest, power it up. You are free to disconnect it from other devices and the power outlet during power cycling.

Summing Up

This is all you can do if your Comfast extender won’t pick 5GHz WiFi signals. We hope that you will be able to do away with the issue at hand. However, before signing off, we would like to reveal a secret tip that plays a pivotal role in the propagation of signals emitted by your range extender i.e. the extender’s placement. Your WiFi range extender is supposed to be placed at a location where it experiences minimum signal interference. It means you should place it away from EM waves emitting devices and reflexive surfaces.

In case you are still having no luck, then consider resetting the range extender to the default factory mode. You can do so by pushing the Reset button located on the extender’s rear panel. But, do not forget to do the Comfast setup again as soon as it starts flaunting the default factory settings.


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