Tech How to Fix Arlo Camera Not Detecting Motion Issue

How to Fix Arlo Camera Not Detecting Motion Issue


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Are you currently experiencing the Arlo camera not detecting motion issues? Want to know why this happened and how to fix this? If you are nodding your head, then this is the right place for you. Here you will find the best possible ways to do away with the issue you are currently facing. First of all, if you are a new Arlo camera user then confirm if you have followed the correct Arlo setup instructions or not. If the answer is yes or you are not a new Arlo camera user, then follow the hacks that have been provided ahead.

Why Arlo Motion Detection is Not Working?

The non-functioning of the Arlo motion detection feature can be due to various reasons. Before you begin to troubleshoot the issue, it is important that you know the reason causing it. So here are some most common reasons:

  • The settings have been modified

  • The camera is not positioned correctly

  • Arlo camera firmware is not updated

  • There are certain obstacles that are preventing the process

Arlo Camera Not Detecting Motion: Fixed

Tip 1: Verify the Settings

First things first, before you delve deep into the fixing process, check the settings of the camera. Simply check if the Motion Detection feature is activated or not. If it is disabled, activate it right away. Here is how you are gonna do this:

  • Use your mobile phone to access the Arlo login account. You can also do the same on your PC by accessing web-based GUI on a browser.

  • Log in to the Arlo account by using the correct login details.

  • After you are logged in, click on the Menu option.

  • Thereafter click on Base Station.

  • Click Edit now.

  • Here check the Motion Detection settings and activate if not activated.

If the feature is already activated and still you are facing the issue, then try another tip from this post.

Tip 2: Correct Camera Position

The Arlo camera must be positioned correctly to get the maximum benefit from it. It is important that the height and angle of the cam are right to capture the correct footage. You must have received a user manual along with the camera during purchase. Haven’t you? You must have referred it to know the Arlo camera setup process. It is now time that you put the user manual to use one more time. How? By walking through it and understanding what is the best position for your Arlo camera. We are sure that after placing and positioning the camera in the best possible way, you will no longer be facing motion not detecting issue with the camera.

Tip 3: Charge your Camera

Now make sure that your Arlo camera is charged sufficiently. In case it is not charged then also you can face such issues. So charge the camera first and then see if the issue has been fixed or not.

Tip 4: Remove Obstacles

If you have placed the Arlo camera at a place from where it has to look through the glass or windows, then this is the possible culprit. The performance of the camera degrades drastically this way. Change the location of the camera now and see the difference yourself.

Tip 5: Check the Email Address

Now there is another possibility that your Arlo camera is detecting motion but is not sending you alerts through notifications. What could be the reason behind this? Using wrong email address. So, make sure that you are using the correct email address to view the recordings. Apart from this, see that the notifications are enabled.

Tip 6: Reboot Arlo

It could also be some minor technical glitches that are the reason behind the issue. What are you supposed to do now? Let us help you with this. It is not as hard as it seems to get rid of these technical glitches. Yes! Trust us. Rebooting works wonders to eliminate them. What are you waiting for? Simply power off the Arlo camera right away and let it be this way for a while. After some time, power it up again and then see if it worked or not.

Wrap Up

We are hopeful that the tips mentioned in this post have helped you. If you are still struggling with the same issue. Then reset Arlo now. After that do the Arlo Base Station setup and Arlo camera setup again from scratch. After this step, you are sure to fix the issue at hand.


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