Tech How To Improve Your Linksys Wi-Fi Extender Signals

How To Improve Your Linksys Wi-Fi Extender Signals


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An internet connection plays an important role in our life like water and electricity supply. This is the main reason why many customers choose the Linksys extender in their house. The speed of the extender may differ dramatically from one day to the next. But the good news is that we are here to help you to boost your Linksys extender signal.

Resolving Poor Wi-Fi Signal

There are many reasons why the signals are weak or why your Wi-Fi extender does not connect with your wireless router. There can be multiple reasons behind this. First, there can be an internet outage. Second, there can be an issue with the cables of your device. Third, there is the possibility of outdated firmware. You must check each of these one by one to resolve poor WiFi signals.

Issues Of Long Distance

When the signals go slow then the devices are not working properly. If your wireless devices are too far away then your signals will be weak. If your wireless devices  are close then you can get good signals. Keep in mind that signals are directly related to the distance.

Try to ping a couple of times to check the stability of the connection . If you get timely responses the connection is good. Else, the connection is weak.

Router Firmware That is Out of date

Sometimes, your router is not up to date, which can cause slow internet connection problems. Now, if you want to improve your internet signals then you should update your router’s firmware to boost your Linksys extender signal.

Change the Channel

This is the most important step. Sometimes, users are facing weak signal problems at their home and office. Many times people can also use the same channel in your router. When many people use the same channel then they are not able to get the signals. Your Wi-Fi network is divided into different channels. You should use unique channels for your devices, so that they can communicate with other devices wisely. To do this, simply go to – the Linksys IP and make the necessary changes.

Switch To A 5GHZ Wireless Router

The 5GHz wireless frequency bands provide faster data at a shorter distance, it is typically much busier than the 2.4GHz band. If your router supports him then you can switch them to an instant short-range speed boost.

Few steps to boost the router to switch band 5GHz

  • Now, login the router 
  • Further open the wireless setting tab when you go to settings.
  • Later on, change the band from 2.4GHZ to 5GHz.
  • Make sure to apply the changes.
  • Apply for the new settings you can restart your router.

We would suggest boosting the Wi-Fi speed as a 5GHz Wi-Fi router is not very efficient in connecting devices while there are thick walls besides your router. As compared to your 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi router.

A Wi-Fi Password Should be a Strong

Use a strong password for your Wi-Fi. If you have a weak password on your Wi-Fi then your neighbors can steal your password and the hackers can also access your wireless network and get your personal details like your contacts, bank details, pictures etc.

Firstly you can login to your router to keep your Wi-Fi network secure. Now change the name or password of your wireless network. You have to manually reconnect to your device, as you know it is important to change your Wi-Fi name and password once in a while.

Install Repeater

A Wi-Fi range extender is a device which is placed between your router or computer to boost the range of the Wi-Fi signal. The router broadcasts the signal and the extender repeats the signals from its respective location. Linksys extender setup serves as a host of benefits. You will have comprehensive WiFi coverage throughout your premise. It will eliminate all the WiFi dead spots.  

Replace The Antenna 

Replace the antennas of the router by this simple method, you can improve the signals of your Linksys router. Number of devices are coming with omnidirectional antennas on it which helps in broadcasting the signals equally. A 360 degree coverage of omnidirectional antennas works best for your house or office setup, so you can update a longer model. You can purchase a omnidirectional antenna instead of an alternative antenna because it provide the signal in all the direction and maximize the strength of wireless signal

Final Thoughts

In this article we have given some tips to you to boost your Wi-Fi network and hope all are helpful. These are proven tips as many users have used these tips to boost their WiFi network. 


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