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How to secure a Netgear Router and Home Network after a hack


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It will be a very glad moment for those who buy a new device like a Netgear router and getting it installed by accessing my Netgear router login page. But when the question comes to its safety, everybody probably gets worried and they are right on their path. Everyone wants to secure their devices, home, loved ones as well as the Internet and networking system. Now, what will be the purpose of Netgear Router Installation? Will it provide us security or it will help in extending the range of our existing network? Well, maybe the both. So, just relax, take a deep breath and keep on focusing on your article that is specially created by our valuable users.

Now, hold your hands together and keep following the below given points, how to recover and secure your network from hacking and also show you how to have a better security and safety for your network and devices.

5 Steps to preventing your PC and home network from future incidents:

  1. Isolate and Quarantine

In order to recover your devices and home network from hacking, you first need to isolate your computer so that intruders can’t even imagine persisting to control it or use it for other function of offending other devices, especially when it has turn into the part of a botnet. In that case you are supposed to disconnect your computer physically from the Internet. If you believe, it may also interest you to know that your router have also compromised, in that case you have to disconnect it from your modem and Internet as well and leave the process of Netgear Router Setup later.

  1. Consider Setting your Router back to Factory Defaults and Reconfigure it again

If you are thinking that somebody have compromised your Netgear router and you are facing not working issue, then you have no option left in performing the factory default process. This procedure clear anyway the compromised password and also eliminate the firewall rules added by hackers to your network. You just have to be certain that you have situated the settings of the factory default admin account name and password from a helping path like the manual steps or the supportive website to reset the router’s factory settings to default. After performing the steps that would help you to restart your device, make sure that you have changed created a strong password from default to your own immediately.

  1. If possible acquire a different IP address from your IPS

It is not necessary, but on the other hand it seems to be a good idea if you get a new IP address for your device from your Internet Service Provider. But, this process of obtaining a brand new IP address can be done by you itself. Just endeavor the DHCP release and replenish from the router connection page named WAN. Most of the Internet Service Provider will offer you the same IP address, whereas some will endow you with the new one.

But, you would like to ask that why a new IP would be necessary with the prior one? Well, the answer is simple, if a hacker’s malware was linking to your device by its IP address, an innovative IP would relate in changing your contact details. It will be impossible for the hackers to relocate your device and restore its connections. By typing the Netgear Router Default IP into the field of address bar of a web browser, you can also see the exact status of your device that will show you the list of devices currently connected with your home network.

  1. Patch and Update

The anti-malware software would be the best thing ever to update your device. Here, you have to be certain that your software is automatically set to update so that it can be future ready for all the upcoming nasty challenges given by hackers to your devices. For more information, status of your device, you can visit Netgear Router Login page and also get brief information more to secure your devices form the hackers attack. Also be sure that your operating system and all the application are patched and also updated with the latest technologies.

  1. Examine your Defenses

You are tending to test your network firewall and deem scanning your computer or a laptop with a security defenselessness scanner. A subsequent opinion of malware scanner is to make yourself sure that your defenses are as sheltered and protected as achievable and there aren’t holes in your implicit walls.


We would now like to have little bit of concern, show little bit of gratitude to us and congratulate yourself that finally you are making all your devices get rid of malware and hackers attack. Also remember, when you are performing the task of your Netgear Router Installation, you should disable or forget the public WiFi network and turn off all the devices that consist the same frequency as of router (metal appliances, Bluetooth speakers, electronic gadgets, etc.).


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