Tech How to Setup Access Schedule on Netgear Nighthawk Router

How to Setup Access Schedule on Netgear Nighthawk Router


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Netgear routers have plenty of remarkable features to offer to their users. Some of them are Parental Controls that help you keep a check on your kids’ online activities. Another one is Guest Network enabling which helps you create a separate network for your guests so that you do not have to share your main WiFi password with them. There are many more features. To get these features enabled, you need to access the login page of the router using or the IP address.

This very article is meant to provide you with information on the Access Schedule feature of the Netgear Nighthawk routers. We shall discuss about what it is and how you can enable it in the upcoming sections. Thus stick to reading.

Netgear Router Access Schedule

Before telling you about the enabling process of the feature, we want you to leanr some more about it. You can set up an internet access schedule with this. For insatnce, if you are going out on a weekend or going on a holiday, you set up an access schedule in advance.

As per the schedule, the internet services are turned off at the assigned time. You do not need to manually do it.

So you can use this feature and set up different schedules to turn WiFi off whenever you do not need an internet connection.

How to Enable Access Schedule on Netgear Router?

1st Step: Connect Devices

We assume there are no connections made already. Hence we begin by making the connections. Power off the router and modem first and then proceed ahead. Use an Ethernet cable to join the LAN port on the modem and the Internet port on the Nighthawk router using it. The connection has to be secure and tight. Loose connections can stop the process in between.

2nd Step: Turn on the Devices

After the connections have been made, you need to turn on the modem first and then the router. You should make sure that the power supply is not fluctuating which is rather another reason to hinder the process. So put to use well working power sockets to plug in the devices. You can use a UPS in the event of a power outage.

3rd  Step: Log in to Router

The next step is to log in to your router. For that power up a PC first. Connect it to the router’s network next. You can connect to its SSID using the WiFi password. You also have one more option for the connection if WiFi does not get connected. Use a LAN cable to connect the router to the PC.

Now, launch an internet browser that is updated to the latest version. Use this to log in by inserting the login URL or the IP address  in the address field of the browser.

When the login page appears, type the admin username and password and click Log in. You will be logged in to your router.

4th Step: Enable Access Schedule

Now that you are logged in and reached the Basic Home page of your Netgear router, you can go ahead and set up Access Schedule in the settings. Use these steps next to complete the task:

  • Click on Advanced.
  • Now, click Advanced Setup> Wireless Settings.
  • Next, click Add a New Period.
  • A new screen “Turn Off Wireless Signal by Schedule” will come to view.
  • Select ‘Start’ or ‘End’ under ‘When to turn off’ option.
  • Now, choose ‘Daily’ or ‘Select Days.’
  • Click on Apply once you are done making changes.
  • A new screen Wireless Settings will appear now.
  • Now you need to select ‘Turn off Wireless Signal by Schedule’.
  • Again click Apply and Save to make the changes effective and save the settings.

This is how you can set up an internet access schedule using the Netgear routerlogin page.

Final Thoughts

You are now done making the required changes to your Netgear Nighthawk router. The WiFi will turn on and off as per the access schedule now. Using the same steps you can at any time make changes to the internet access schedule of your router in the future as well.


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