Tech My Rockspace Extender WiFi Keeps Cutting Out. Help Me!

My Rockspace Extender WiFi Keeps Cutting Out. Help Me!


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Millions out there are fans of Rockspace range extenders. That is why they install them in their homes to enjoy online activities without a connection drop. But, the situation becomes exasperating when the Rockspace extender WiFi keeps cutting out. If you too have done Rockspace WiFi extender setup and are facing a similar problem, then the post you are reading right now consists of all the possible solutions to get rid of it. You only have to make the effort of implementing these solutions meticulously.

Fixed: Rockspace Extender WiFi Keeps Cutting Out

  • Experiment with the Location

The primary reason forcing the WiFi to cut out is the bad location of your Rockspace range extender. Perhaps, you hide it inside a cupboard or under a table. Why don’t you take it out in open? Relax! We’re not asking you to put your device in the lawn but in a well-ventilated room. Know that the signals of your WiFi device won’t be able to spread properly throughout the house if its location is bottlenecked. Therefore, never place your extender in a congested place. Count it as a bonus and keep your extender a few meters away from direct heat sources.

  • Get the Ethernet Cable Replaced

Many users forget to take care of the Ethernet cable connecting their networking devices after completing the process of installing a Rockspace wireless range extender. Perhaps, you’re maintaining their legacy. This is to inform you that a worn-out cable cannot be employed for creating a connection between your extender and router. It has to be perfect at all costs. In addition, it must tightly fit the ports of your networking gadgets. Else, no matter what you do, the WiFi keeps cutting out problem won’t get off of your back.

  • Pull the Extender Away from Router

Did you read the instructions regarding the extender-router distance highlighted in the Rockspace WiFi extender manual? Well, we doubt that you thumbed your nose at it due to which you are finding yourself nowhere but facing the connection drops and surges. We understand that your range extender needs to see the host router in order to establish an unflinching communication. But, they must not be too close. Well, let’s be practical and understand the same with the help of an example. Can you read a book properly by keeping it a centimeter away from your eyes? No? Well, you got the answer. Your WiFi devices won’t be able to communicate if they are placed very close. So, maintain a decent extender-router distance.

  • Examine the Power Socket

You might find it foolish. But, are you sure that your extender is connected to a working power socket? Check it again! What did you find? Is it damaged? Oh, snap! Fluctuation in the power supply is another reason dragging you to the Rockspace extender WiFi keeps cutting out issue. Therefore, make sure that your extender is fetching the appropriate amount of electricity from a well-working power outlet. Additionally, you can go with the usage of a UPS if the area in which you reside suffers a power outage a lot.

  • Update the Firmware

When was the last time your extender received the gift of the latest firmware version from your end? Never? Well, this is bad. It is your duty to take care of your range extender. Why didn’t you update its firmware? FYI, firmware update means introducing bug fixes and the latest features to the range extender and you deprived your extender of the same. To get rid of the issue troubling you, we suggest you go for a Rockspace firmware upgrade right now. The firmware can be updated by downloading the latest firmware file manually and uploading it on the range extender’s dashboard after doing Rockspace local login.

The Bottom Line

Users often experience the Rockspace extender WiFi keeps cutting out issue. And, resolving it is possible via the aforementioned hacks. We are anticipating that the tips you’ve read and implemented right now will help you get rid of the problem you were facing. On the off chance, they don’t, consider resetting your Rockspace device. It will wipe out all major and minor problems with your range extender.

After your extender resets, configure it again. To avoid facing such kind of issues in the future, we suggest you reboot the extender on a regular basis. In simple words, unplug it and re-plug it after a specified interval. It will not only keep technical glitches at a bay but also prevent you from facing other Rockspace extender issues. Thanks for reading the post.


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