Tech Gadgets Netgear Orbi Purple Light: What You Need To Know

Netgear Orbi Purple Light: What You Need To Know


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On a normal day, the Netgear Orbi ring LED should be either white or green, or blue in some Orbi WiFI system models. These colors indicate the normal and good working conditions of the Netgear Orbi system. But if the Orbi purple light shows up, this means your Orbi is not connected to internet. This is the case with the router.

On the satellite, the purple light means it is not synced with the router. You can try bringing the router closer to the modem to fix the connectivity issue between the router and the modem. You can also check with your Internet Service Provider if there is some glitch from his end. Or you can try syncing the Orbi router to the satellite manually to fix the issue. If these steps do not help then you will need to perform some advanced troubleshooting hacks.

When we say advanced, we do not mean they are difficult to be executed. Even a non-tech can also perform these hacks on his own. Without delaying much let us now get to telling you the troubleshooting steps to fix Orbi purple light issue.

How to Fix Orbi Purple Light Issue?

Restart Orbi

Before you do anything else, power cycle or reboot your Orbi. Technical devices are all prone to technical glitches. Technical glitches can happen due to any reason-known or unknown. But you can try fixing them using the reboot or restart process.

Do not think twice about it and power off the Orbi router as well as the satellites. Do not miss the step of unplugging them from the power sockets. This step remains important. After some time, connect them back to the power source. Once they boot up, see if you still find the purple light on your router or satellite. Still there? Try your luck with the next hack.

Check All Cables

Observe all the cables and wires that you have connected to the Orbi router and satellite. Any loose connection can result in the purple light issue. As we mentioned earlier, purple light means a poor connection between the router and modem or router and satellite. Hence, check the Ethernet cable that is connecting the router to the modem( or router to satellite). Replace any damaged cable immediately. Make sure the cable is making strong connections.

Also, check the power cables that are used to supply power to the router as well as the satellite. The power cables should be plugged incorrectly into the power sockets. You must also take a look at the power sockets. These can be damaged too. Make the required changes if you need to and then see if the issue has been fixed or not.

Update Firmware

If your Netgear Orbi has not been updated for a long time then this is why you are seeing purple light on your Orbi. You can fix this by updating the firmware on your Orbi device now. Download the most recent firmware on your PC and access the Netgear Orbi login page and update the firmware of your Orbi device. Right after you are done with the Orbi firmware update, we are sure you will no longer be facing the purple light issue on your device.

To Summarize

We hope we helped you fix the purple light issue with your Netgear Orbi WiFi mesh system. We suggest you reboot your device often and give it some rest every now and then. Also, keep an eye on the firmware releases. Whenever a new update is released, install it on your Orbi devices right away. This will enhance the overall performance of the device and also improve its security.


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