Tech Orbi Router Keeps Rebooting? Let Us Help You Fix...

Orbi Router Keeps Rebooting? Let Us Help You Fix It!


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Netgear Orbi router is a part of an Orbi mesh WiFi system whose job is to take the wireless or wired signals from the modem and transmit them to the entire house using its satellites as a medium. Generally, you can fix most of the problems like Orbi purple light and Orbi keeps disconnecting issues with a simple reboot of the router. But, things can make your head spin if the most celebrated hack i.e. rebooting itself becomes a problem. In that scenario, walking through the hacks that we’re going to discuss now will be the best solution for you. We advise you follow the hacks carefully to get the issue resolved as soon as possible.

[Resolved] Orbi Keeps Rebooting

  1. Check the Power Socket

The very first reason you’re witnessing constant reboots of your Orbi device is the discontinuity in the power supply. We are doubtful that you haven’t used a working power socket to power up your wireless router. To clarify, we advise you have a look at the same. In case you notice any damages, consider taking action. The action of getting the wall socket repaired by calling an electrician or even better; connecting your Orbi to another wall socket near your host modem.

  1. Bring Your Modem and Router Closer

At the end of the first troubleshooting tip, did you get an idea why we suggested you plug your Orbi into a wall outlet near the host modem? It is because your Orbi router needs to be close to the modem no matter what. This facilitates signal propulsion in a better way. However, this closeness should not be too much. Otherwise, other Orbi issues won’t take much time to knock at your door due to a clash of WiFi signals between the router and the host modem.

  1. Update the Firmware

In many stances, reboots of your Netgear Orbi router occur most frequently due to outdated firmware. In other words, your router might be demanding an Orbi firmware update. Why don’t you get it done? It is not a difficult task at all. The default web address and the mobile application “Orbi” are there to assist you with the firmware update process. You only have to follow the instructions highlighted in the user manual. Additionally, the firmware update blossoms the performance of your Orbi device by adding certain new features that can be found only in the latest devices.

  1. Verify the Hardwired Connection

The hardwired connection between your Netgear Orbi router and the modem also needs to be paid attention to. Chances are that it has become weak due to which your router has become habitual of rebooting by itself. Thus, we advise you have a look at the Ethernet connection your WiFi devices are sharing. Is it finger-tight? No? Well, make it then. If the strength of the connection is not weak to the loosening of the cable, then there might be cuts on the cable you’ve employed. Therefore, get out of your house, bring a brand-new Ethernet cable to your house, and use it for the router-modem connection.

  1. Relocate the Router

Your WiFi router’s signal distortion might be another reason for the random reboots. Do you know how the WiFi signals get disturbed? The answer is the WiFi obstructions. Is the location of your router filled with devices emanating radio wave frequencies? Or is it full of a lot of lustrous surfaces? It looks like the metal obstruction or water bodies are affecting the signal propagation of your Orbi. Well, whatever it is, your Orbi router is not allowed to share its location with any of these factors.

Sum Up

With the last hack, we are now putting a full stop to the guide revealing tips to fix the constant reboots of your Orbi. In case these tips are of no avail, take our final piece of advice and reset your Orbi WiFi router. Once that happens, perform setup. Trust us, your Orbi router won’t trouble you anymore.

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