Health Shatkarma – The Yogic Technique of Cleansing Body and...

Shatkarma – The Yogic Technique of Cleansing Body and Mind


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Ever saw a house stand without a solid foundation? It will get knocked down by a strong wind. Similar is the case with yoga. Your mind and body need a solid foundation to experience the wonders of a yoga session.

Your body comprises of many internal systems. These include circulatory, respiratory, digestive, endocrine, and nervous system. To ensure the smooth functioning of all the systems cleansing is important.

Ever heard of Shatkarmas? Yoga experts have come up with detailed information to help you this deep yogic concept.

What is Shatkarmas?

Shatkarma comprises of a total of 6 cleansing techniques of Hatha yoga. These techniques flush out all toxins and impurities from your body. Together these form the yoga shatkarmas.

The yoga shatkarmas are more of a preparatory exercise in yoga. You practice these before any asana, pranayama, mudra, or meditation. The purpose of yoga shatkarma is to make your body and mind strong for advanced yoga practices. The certified 300 hour yoga teacher training can help you learn this yogic technique.

Some yoga practitioners ask –

What Makes Yoga Shatkarmas So Important?

Imagine your body as a computer system. Your external body is the hardware while the internal is software.

Now, cleaning the hardware is easier with daily bathing and brushing. But your internal body, aka the software does not have any way to cleanse itself. Here is when yoga shatkarmas come into play.

Not convinced? We will let yoga experts help you with that.

  • It is important for you as a yoga practitioner to purify the inner body parts. This ensures your body is ready for advanced yogic practices. Shatkarmas help remove impurities and toxins that get collected over your internal body. This improves the functioning of all major internal systems.

  • To help with the smooth flow of Prana (sacred life force). Shatkarma ensures there is no physical or mental hindrance in the Nadis (Energy channels of the body). Practicing Kapalbhati and Nauli helps the sacred life force flow through your body with ease.

  • Shatkarmas rid your mind of unwanted thoughts. This helps your mind remain calm during a yoga session.

For you to practice Shatkarmas the right way there are a few things should take note of.

Precautions for Shatkarma

Given below are 6 important tips you should keep in mind regarding Shatkarmas practice.

1. Do It Under Supervision

Practicing Shatkarmas requires expertise in this technique. Yoga experts recommend you learn it under the guidance of an experienced Shatkarmas teacher. Keep in mind, doing these cleansing techniques requires its theoretical and practical knowledge.

2. Don’t Do It Everyday

Shatkarma is never advised by ancient yogis for regular practice. You should practice these cleansing techniques only once every week. As a beginner you can do it more than once as your body requires more purification than an advanced yogi. Book yourself some yoga holidays at a certified yoga school and learn this powerful yogic technique.

3. Use Clean Equipments

Make sure the neti pot, water, rubber thread, cotton cloth and other equipment are clean. The purpose of Shatkarmas is to cleanse your internal body. Thus, it is super important that the material you use for cleansing is sterile as well.

4. Consume a Light Diet

Shatkarmas are rigorous cleansing techniques for your body’s internal system. Do not practice these cleansing techniques unless you do not consume a light diet. Doing so with a heavy diet can overwork the organ and strain it. Join the 300 hour yoga teacher training to learn this yogic cleansing technique from the best.

5. Avoid Shatkarmas During Pregnancy

Avoid practicing Shatkarmas during your pregnancy. Yoga experts recommend you practice Jalneti and Trataka Shatkarma in moderation and under guidance. Do not practice other techniques as they are somehow related to cleansing of the stomach area.

6. Remain Calm

During the learning phase you might feel a bit over-excited about how well you can do Shatkarmas. Remember, this is not a competition but a way to keep your body clean and functional. Do no rush when it comes to practicing yoga shatkarmas.

Do you want to keep all internal systems functional and healthy? The 300 hour yoga teacher training helps you learn the cleansing technique of Shatkarmas with ease.


Yogic cleansing techniques help you dive deeper into yoga beyond its physical aspect. The 300 hour yoga teacher training helps you understand everything about this yogic concept.


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