Tech Tips To Improve Slow Internet Speed of Wavlink Extender

Tips To Improve Slow Internet Speed of Wavlink Extender


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In this technological world, millions of people perform the Wavlink WiFi extender setup to get high-speed internet coverage throughout the apartment. Wavlink Extender has a reputation in the internet industry as it has many flawless features that enhance the internet experience.  But, being an amazing device it also has some network problems. According to study recent users face poor internet issues in their networking devices due to some possible reasons. If you are also suffering from the same kind of network problem and want to find out the solutions to fix the issue, then you are in the right place.

Here, we are going to cover all the reasons behind the slow internet issue and also give useful and effective troubleshooting tips so that you will able to fix the trouble in a hassle-free manner. Read on!

Reasons: Slow Internet Speed of Wavlink Extender

Here is the list of possible reasons that drag your device to provide slow internet. You just need to walk through them and identify them properly.

  • Improper power supply from the electricity source.

  • No internet connectivity from the internet service provider.

  • Usage of damaged and faulty Ethernet cable.

  • The extender runs on its outdated browser.

  • WiFi Interference.

  • Excessive distance between the extender and router.

These were the most common reasons that usually create internet issues on the device. You need to keep these reasons in mind while troubleshooting the issue.

Fix: Slow Internet Speed of Wavlink Extender

Check Power Supply

To begin with, check the power supply of the extender because there is a chance that the device does not get the proper electricity from the wall outlet.  As a result, the extender is not able to provide the best internet services.  So, check the power source if you find any damaged and faulty areas then repair it if possible otherwise plug the device into another working wall outlet.

Cross Check Ethernet Cable

If you use the Ethernet cable to make a reliable and constant connection between the extender and router then you should check that cable. Because sometimes Ethernet cable is broken and damaged mistakenly by the users and they keep using it without repair. So, check the cable properly maybe your cable is damaged. Therefore, if you found any damaged area on the cable then change the Ethernet cable at the same time to improve the internet speed.

Update Firmware

Do you know when you update your device after performing the Wavlink setup? If not that means you did not update its firmware and it run on its outdated firmware. To your knowledge, outdated firmware put the device at higher risk and also stops the networking features of the device.
So, we suggest you check the firmware of the Wavlink extender first. If you found it outdated then update it at the same time to get high-speed internet.

Remove the WiFi Interference

Maybe you get the slow internet speed from the extender due to wireless interference. Because when users place their devices near home appliances that time networking devices become the victim of WiFi interference. So, take your device away from the electronic device to remove the wireless interference.

Reboot the Device

If you are still in the same situation and none of the above hacks assist you then perform the small process of reboot to remove the temporary hiccups from the device. Below we mentioned steps to restart the extender, you can follow them:

  • Initially, turn off the device and remove it from the socket in which you plug it.

  • Thereafter, give recovery time to the extender.

  • Plug it back into the working wall outlet.

Now, press the turn-on button and check the internet speed of the extender by streaming the HD video. If the video is played without any lagging that means your internet work properly.
Therefore, these are the most possible and working troubleshooting tips to improve the Wavlink extender internet speed fruitfully.


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