Tech Topmost Hacks to Fix Netgear Extender Keeps Rebooting Issue

Topmost Hacks to Fix Netgear Extender Keeps Rebooting Issue


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Netgear extender and a blazing-fast internet connection have become synonyms of each other. People who rely much on the internet to complete their daily tasks perform Netgear extender setup in their houses. However, not everyone has a rosy experience with the Netgear device. There are some users who constantly face different issues with the extender. One such issue that does not let the user sleep is Netgear extender keeps rebooting. Is your Netgear extender also troubling you with the same outcome? If it is yes, then here are the troubleshooting hacks that you can use to get the problem fixed in an instant. Continue reading.

[Solved] Netgear Extender Keeps Rebooting

  • Check the Power Socket

The problem of rebooting might have arisen due to the supply of inadequate electricity. Are you sure that the range extender is connected to a working power socket? Check it right away. In case the wall outlet is found damaged, consider repairing it. What happened? Don’t want to waste time repairing the power outlet? In that case, you need to connect your Netgear extender to another power socket offering sufficient electricity. But, the chosen one must be close to your wireless router. You are also allowed to use the UPS if the area in which you live is a victim of random power cuts.

  • Strengthen the Hardwired Connection

The random reboots of your Netgear range extender will keep troubling you if you haven’t maintained a strong hardwired connection between your devices. Perhaps, the cable you’ve used is damaged or the connection is loose from the Ethernet ports. Whatever the situation is, your aim should be to create a stable hardwired connection. If the cable is damaged, replace it with a new one. However, if the connection is unstable at the ports, make it finger-tight and check if the Netgear extender keeps rebooting issue gets off from your back.

  • Update the Firmware

Are you aware of the fact that your Netgear extender operates on various instructions? Well, now you know. These instructions when combined in the form of a program are called firmware. FYI, these instructions get altered from time to time so that the extender gets equipped with the latest features and keeps pace with the latest networking devices. Chances are that the weird behavior of your Netgear extender is due to the lack of updated firmware. Thus, access and install the latest firmware version on your Netgear range extender.

  • Bring the Extender Close to the Router

Many users forget the fact that the range extender and the router need to be close to each other for proper signal propagation. Possibly you’re also one of them and mistakenly placed your Netgear extender far from the host router. Therefore, make the target to reduce the distance separating your wireless devices. However, we are not asking you to make the value of the distance zero. The reason being it is an invitation for other extender-related problems due to a clash of the WiFi signals of both devices.

  • Relocate the Extender

The location of your extender can also force it to reboot without notifying you. Wondering how? Well, there are a lot of technical gadgets in our house and almost all of them run with the assistance of electromagnetic radiation. Since the nature of WiFi signals is also electromagnetic, there are chances that they both will get entangled creating a mess. Therefore, if your extender is placed near them, the occurrence of constant rebooting is just the beginning. In order to fix it, relocate your extender and ensure that it is away from reflexive surfaces, masonry constructions, and objects containing a large amount of water.

To Sum Up

Rebooting is the first hack that is suggested by technicians to get rid of any problem related to a networking device. But, when the rebooting process itself becomes a problem, it can be eerier. However, we’ve tried to cover every factor responsible for the issue and provide you with every possible hack. Just in case you didn’t find the aforementioned tips helpful, it is time that you reset your Netgear extender. For this, push the Reset button. It will take away every customized setting from your extender making it brand new. After that, perform a new extender setup by accessing the extender’s Netgear_ext on your computer or laptop.


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