Tech Unable to Join SSID of Wavlink Extender? Let’s Help...

Unable to Join SSID of Wavlink Extender? Let’s Help You!


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Accessing a fast internet connection everywhere in the house is a dream of every user across the globe. That is why, they opt to configure Wavlink extender. But, after doing the Wavlink setup, 9 out of 10 users are reporting that they are unable to join the SSID (WiFi network name) of their Wavlink extender. Are you also facing the same issue? If you nod in yes, then it could be due to a number of reasons like the use of an incorrect Wavlink WiFi extender password, improper extender setup, joining an incorrect network, the SSID of your extender being disabled or you have changed it, technical glitches, and so on.
No worries! We have got you covered! Here, in this article, we have provided a number of tested and proven hacks that will help you troubleshoot the issue at hand. Let’s get the ball rolling!

Fixed: Unable to Join Wavlink Extender SSID

Use the Correct Wavlink WiFi Extender Password

One of the main reasons why you are unable to join the WiFi network of Wavlink extender is the use of an incorrect password. So, for fixing the issue, consider using the correct password to join the SSID of the device.

Apart from this, keep some ahead mentioned things into consideration to prevent getting the same issue in future:

  • Do cross-check the password entrée and ensure that you are not making typing errors

  • If you have changed the password, consider using it

Note: To prevent your Wavlink extender’s WiFi from getting hacked, set a unique password and keep changing it once in three months.

Join the Correct Network

On the off chance, using the correct WiFi password does not bring you luck, chances are you are trying to access some other (unknown) WiFi. It happens if two SSID are set with the same name. So, to troubleshoot the issue, you have to be very careful while joining the SSID of your Wavlink extender.

Moreover, we suggest you set a unique SSID for your WiFi range extender.

Relocate Your Wavlink Extender

It seems like your WiFi range extender is not placed at its ideal location due to which you are getting issues while joining its SSID. To do away with the problem, change the location of the extender right away. The perfect place for your device is the centermost and higher area of your home. While relocating your extender, ensure to keep it within reach of your host router and connect them using a wireless source. And, if your devices are placed pretty closer, then consider connecting them using an Ethernet cable.

Still the Same?

If you are reading this fix, it means all the efforts made by you for fixing the issue have gone waste. Need not to worry at all! If you are still getting issues while joining the Wavlink extender’s SSID, then it could be due to improper Wavlink setup. Now, you might be thinking how, aren’t you? Look, you will only have access to the new extended WiFi network (SSID) if:

  • Your Wavlink extender is configured successfully

  • If the extender is not configured in a proper manner, you won’t have the SSID

  • And, if you do not have the new SSID, then how will you join it

So, a proper configuration of Wavlink extender is very important! To get rid of the improper Wavlink setup issues, we suggest you reset it and configure it again using its default web address and Wavlink WiFi extender login password (manual method). You can also opt for WPS method for the same.
Once your extender gets configured, you will have the new SSID. Join it and have access to blazing-fast internet all over your house.

Thus, by following the fixes listed above, here’s to hope that you will rack up success in joining the SSID of your Wavlink WiFi extender.


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