Tech Why Can’t I Perform Wavlink Extender Setup?

Why Can’t I Perform Wavlink Extender Setup?


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After purchasing the Wavlink wireless range extender you can access its network on various devices only after the Wavlink extender setup is done. The setup process is a very simple task yet users get stuck in between. If you are also getting issues while executing the Wavlink WiFi extender setup process, then use the tips that we have given in this article to help you out. We are very sure that by the time you are on the last tip, you would already have completed the task that you are currently working on.

How to Fix Wavlink Extender Setup Issues?

Before you go ahead and fix the issues, it is better you learn about the causes that are responsible for getting stuck during the setup process.

Wavlink Extender Setup Issues: Causes

1. You are using the wrong process to do the setup

2. The web address is incorrect.

3. The web browser is not updated

4. The computer that you are using is running on an outdated OS

5. The connection between the extender and router is not stable

6. A faulty internet connection is the cause

7. The power supply is not adequate

Wavlink Extender Setup Issues [Fixed]

1. Use Correct Steps

You need to be very sure that you are using the correct steps to carry out the Wavlink wireless extender setup process. In the event you are not sure what the correct steps are, you can always refer to the user manual that came along with the device. Everything related to the extender is mentioned in the same manual.

2. Verify Web Address

If you are not using the correct web address to access the Wavlink extender setup page, then how will you complete the setup? So, make sure that you are using the right web address and putting it right into the URL bar of the browser. There are two things that you need to take care of. One is the web address should be free of any errors, second, you need to avoid using the search bar of the browser to insert the web address.

3. Update the Browser

If you are still not able to get the setup process completed, then you need to try updating your web browser to the latest version. At times, the older version of the browser may not load certain web pages. So updating the browser will be the better option now. Go to the settings and then update the browser immediately.
You should also consider clearing the cache, cookies, and browsing history from the browser prior to setting up the Wavlink extender.

4. Use Updated PC

Apart from updating the web browser, you should also update the PC that you are putting to use to set up the extender. An outdated OS of the computer or laptop can also prevent you from getting the task at hand executed. Updating the PC will help you fix the issue.

5. Fix Connections

If you are still struggling with the setup issues, then check the connections between the devices now. Maybe the extender and the router are not connected properly. Check the Ethernet cable that is used to make the connections. It should be free of damage and should be securely connected to the devices. Replace the cable if required.

6. Check Power Supply

Poor power supply to the Wavlink extender can also be the reason for getting the setup issues. So ensure that the extender is receiving optimum power supply. If your area has a lot of power outages, then use a UPS. Also, check the power socket into which the extender is plugged in. Use some other power socket to plug the extender if you find it faulty.


Here comes an end to the Wavlink extender troubleshooting guide that is meant to help you fix the setup issues. We are sure that these hacks have proved to be useful to you. You will now be able to complete the installation process and can have access to a seamless internet connection.


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