Tech Why I Can’t Access Wireless-N WiFi Repeater? Help!

Why I Can’t Access Wireless-N WiFi Repeater? Help!


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Wireless-N repeater is known to eliminate the WiFi dead zones from your house. So, dispelling any issue should be the top priority. There can be several reasons why you can’t able to access the Wireless-N WiFi repeater login page. In this article we will cover reasons why this problem is occurring and solutions to solve this issue. Also, we will give you a login guide that explains how you can login correctly and without any error at the end of the article. Let’s start it.

Cannot Access WiFi Extender- Reasons

Picking Wrong Location

Choosing the spot, which is far away from the router and close to the electronic stuff, can be reason why you can’t login. Placing the repeater near to the concrete walls, filled fish tanks and heavy metal things can also cause this issue.

Plugging Extender in Damaged Socket

Pluggingthe WiFi repeater in to a damaged power socket that you are using to supply power to the router also can be a causing factor of this problem.

Connecting Hardware Connections Incorrectly

Connecting the network cable into wrong ports of the router and extender can be another reason why you can’t access the interface of the WiFi extender. Also, using a damaged Ethernet cable can cause this issue.

Using Outdated Web Browser

If you are using an outdated version of the internet browser to login, then you will not reach the login page of the interface.

Typing Wrong Login IP

Entering incorrect login IP address into the web browser can also is a big reason why you can’t access the extender’s interface.
Above are the reasons why you cannot access the Wireless-N WiFi repeater interface. Now, have a look on the solutions that will solve this problem.

Cannot Access WiFi Extender- Solutions

Choose Optimal Location

To dispel this issue, you have to pick a spot which is close to the router, so that you can easily connect it to the router using Ethernet cable. Avoid, such spots which are near to the electronic things, concrete walls, heavy metal things and fish tanks.

Correct Hardware Connections

You should establish the connection between the extender and WiFi router correctly. You have to use network cable which should be in good condition. Now, locate the WAN port of the extender and LAN port of the router, and then connect network cable to these ports.

Use Up-to-Date Browser

To access the interface of the WiFi repeater you should use updated internet browser. You have to clear all the garbage files like cookies and cache from the browser. While logging in, you should disable the ad- blocker of the browser and antivirus system of the computer.

Enter Right Login IP

To login, you have to use the correct IP address which is Don’t use the wrong IP address like 192.168.IO.I or 192.168..1O.I to access the WiFi extender’s interface.

Restart the WiFi Extender

If all the above mentioned solutions didn’t work, then you can restart the repeater. You can easily reboot the Wireless-N repeater by plugging it out of the power socket and plugging it in again into the socket.
There is also another way that you can use to restart the WiFi extender by pressing the power On/Off button. The power On/Off button is given on the front of the repeater. Now, Press it again to turn on the extender.

Reset the Wireless-N Repeater

If nothing would work, then you can factory reset the repeater. You just have to locate the reset button on the back of the extender. Press it for ten seconds and then release it. This action will start the process of factory resetting the Wireless-N WiFi repeater. After resetting the extender, all the data will be deleted or cleared, so be sure you want reset the repeater.

The End Words

In above article, you have explored what are the reasons, why you can’t access the interface of the Wireless-N repeater. We’ve also mentioned how you can solve the problem with some troubleshooting tips. Using these tips you can also complete WiFi repeater setup on mobile and computer as well without any error. We hope you have successfully logged in to the extender’s web interface. We hope you are experiencing the fastest internet speed and reliable network connection in your home.


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