Tech Why is My Orbi Router Flashing Purple and How...

Why is My Orbi Router Flashing Purple and How to Fix It?


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You might have noticed that the Orbi router flashes various colors on different occasions. However, if the color is none other than purple or magenta, then it is an issue and you need to address it. The troubleshooting tips that we’ll discuss in this post will help you know how to fix this beautifully looking but dangerous issue. However, before that, we want you to know why your Orbi flashed purple in the first place.

Why Does Orbi Flash Purple?

We’ve prepared a list of the occasions when you’ll notice the color flashed by your Orbi. However, the most common one is that you ignored the pending Orbi firmware update. Therefore, before things turn awry and you won’t even be able to access the internet via your Orbi, consider performing a firmware update by accessing the dashboard of the router. However, if that does not resolve the purple light issue for you, then you can continue reading to know other reasons that might have dragged your Orbi to the instant that it started showing purple light.

  1. A random technical glitch is the second most blamed reason behind the issue you are facing. An outdated firmware of the router remains the first.

  1. Your Orbi is not receiving a proper power supply from the socket.

  1. There’s no sync between your Orbi devices (router and satellites).

  1. You have placed your Orbi router too far from the existing access point (here, the modem).

  1. Too many devices are accessing the network created by your Orbi mesh system.

  1. Improper setup of the Orbi mesh system can also force you to involve in combat with the Orbi purple light problem.

Now that your brain has got enough info about the reasons causing the beautiful but dangerous problem with your Orbi WiFi router, it is time you level up and kick off the issue from your life.

How to Fix Orbi Purple Light Issue?

  1. Get Rid of Technical Glitches

Technical glitches are the eeriest yet simply solved problems in relation to the Netgear Orbi router. All you gotta do is reboot your Orbi router. The best thing is that rebooting will cause no harm to your Orbi. Thus, wait for nothing and power down your Orbi for a while. Thereafter, connect it to a wall socket again and see if the purple light on your router bids farewell or not.

  1. Fix the Power Socket

If the power socket to which your Orbi router is connected is not working properly or is damaged from any end, how can you expect your mesh system to behave normally? Chances are that you might also face issues accessing in this scenario. So, don’t wait for it to happen. Instead, get the wall socket fixed. Or take the simplest step of connecting your wireless router to another but active power source. We advise you to grab a UPS in case the power supply is not stable from the back end.

  1. Sync Your Orbi Devices

Taking into account reason number 3, sync your Orbi devices as no or poor sync between them is the real culprit causing the purple light problem. For this purpose, consider pushing the Sync button first on your Orbi router and then on the satellite. It will sync your WiFi devices properly. However, keep in mind to ensure that your Orbi devices are within each others’ range. Else, the synchronization process will fail.

  1. Bring the Router Close to the AP

If your Orbi router is placed at too much distance from the host modem, then you should waste zero seconds to reduce this distance. Either, place the router in the vicinity of the modem or vice-versa. Your main aim should be to maintain stable communication between both devices. The distance must be as decent as you can make it. Remember that too less distance between your devices will result in a clash of their signals.

  1. Cut Off Additional Devices

Your Orbi’s chances of flashing the color purple increase if the number of devices accessing its network is more than the pre-decided value. Therefore, remove all the additional devices from the network of your Orbi mesh system. Once done, check the LED light’s status to see if it has returned to its normal state or not.

  1. Reconfigure Your Orbi

Lastly, you need to reconfigure your Orbi router if every hack you’ve followed till now has denied favoring you. It also indicates that your Orbi is incorrectly installed. So, access the Orbi router login page and set up the mesh system again.

Time to wrap up the post! We are now expecting that your Orbi is no more flashing purple. Thanks for staying connected!


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