Tech Why My Netgear Extender Not Working at High-Speed Internet

Why My Netgear Extender Not Working at High-Speed Internet


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In this technological era, the internet has become the dominant tool. With the assistance of the internet, people get their work done on time. But, when the device is not work properly and working at a low speed internet, then it irritates the most. In this situation, you should go with the Netgear extender that enhances the existing network throughout the house along with the high-speed internet.

Although the Netgear extender is the most popular around the world in manufacturing the best networking device, somehow these days it seems that Netgear extender users search about why does my wifi extender keeps disconnecting most. If you also use the Netgear extender and face the same issue related to the internet and are wondering how to solve that, then you are at the right place. Here, we will tell you about the reasons behind this and give you some tips and tricks to get rid of it. So, let’s dig in!

Well, as we mentioned above first we tell you about the reasons that force you to face that inaccuracy. You need to know the reasons because this helps you to tackle the issue in less time and enjoy the service of the extender again.

[Causes] Extender Internet Not Working

There are many possible reasons why your internet is working slowly. All the reasons are mentioned below read them properly to solve the issue:

  • There is the possibility that from the end of the ISP, the internet works at low speed.

  • Usage of outdated firmware

  • Ethernet Cable is damaged

  • Excessive distance between router and extender

  • WiFi Interference

Hence, these are the causes that drag you to face low internet speed. If you want your internet speed back then you need to follow the important tips and tricks that are mentioned in the upcoming paragraphs.

Solve Extender Internet Not Working

Here, we will give you effective and useful tips and tricks that work a hundred percent of the time. All the solutions are very easy to perform.

Call Internet Service Provider

First, we start with this hack because sometimes the internet does not give high speed from the internet service provider side. If you find the speed is not good from the end of the internet service provider then contact them telling them about the speed to fix as soon as possible.

Check Out Ethernet Cable

Now, you need to check the Ethernet cable connections because sometimes a loose connection creates a problem and network does not properly travel through the cables.

You also need to check, if the ends of the Ethernet cable are inserted properly into the device’s Ethernet ports or not. If not then put them properly.

Thus, if you found any damage in the Ethernet cable then we suggest you keep the new quality Ethernet from the market and use it for the connections.

Update the Firmware of Your Extender

Firmware plays the most important role in the device. With the help of firmware, devices perform best and give better outcomes. So, we recommend you check your device firmware. If you do not update your firmware then update it as soon as you can.

You can get access to the web address to update your device firmware. You can also use the Netgear Nighthawk app to upgrade your device.

Now, you should check the internet speed of your device after performing the above step. If you are still stuck in the same situation then, perform the next solution.

Remove WiFi Interference

Ensure that you configure your respective extender far away from the home appliance. As Home appliances have electromagnetic waves that create a problem with signal transmission.

Thus, we recommend you if you set up your device nearby electronic gadgets then keep your device away from them to solve the issue.


Hope you like our article and can solve that issue by following the above-mentioned steps. Once you perform the steps you will get your internet speed back and enjoy your surfing. Apart from it, you can also drop the comment in the comment section for your fellow readers.


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